Thursday, January 08, 2009

Mickey Fried

Mickey and his wife Jodi are making the trip to Alexandria for our St. Patricks contest.

Mickey is an experienced competitor having survived the Oil City PA contest last year.

They are both looking forward to the World Championships in Anchorage in May, and are using this chance to warm up for the spring time in Alaska trip.

Jodi has an art showing on Saturday Night.

"Let it Grow!"


Anonymous said...

Mickey! Have a blast in VA and make sure to get yourself to NYC for oour Oil City reunion. Can't wait to see what's become of that mighty beard of yours. Til' then...Leon.

Anonymous said...

it's so lush!!
I see a winner :)

Carroll County beard lovin' woman said...

What a noble beard!

Aria Minelime said...

That's a fine and handsome beard, sir!