Sunday, June 25, 2006

Beach'in Biker
In spite of appearances, this gerbil squeezer is two legged and has a FEW miles behind him.

Russ at Bow Lake in British Columbia, near Columbian Ice Fields
Now that is a real bikers stach, we need you in the contests man!
Look for road trip stories by Russ in AMERICAN IRON magazine.
Don Francisco
That may be a colonial costume and music from the time,
but it comes through a heart from New Orleans.
Don is a ray of light for passengers and boat crews on the pier at the
City Docks in Old Towne Alexandria

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

This must be the way.

"The single most patriotic endeavor ...."

Habitat for Humanity?

When you are about to be judged, real men drink beer through a straw!

Real Cowboys sometimes go for a Cowboy look.

Complex styling is a crowd pleaser.

Monday, June 19, 2006

We need your photo's.
Please E-Mail a photo of your Beard or Moustache with a little info for me to post.
If you already have a Blog or WEB Page, include that for a link.
The WBMC does not yet recogonize artifical facial hair, but Beard Team USA invites the ladies to participate in this special catagory.
Send me your photo's.
Follow Me!
And I will make you a Beard Celibrity.

Self Portrait

The Graduate and his wife.
Summa Cum Laude, Education, Rhode Island College

Dad is so proud, his chest puffed up till he couldn't button his jacket.

It was raining a lot in New England that week, but the sun was shinning on us.

Carol, John and Dennis.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Beard Team USA and the Whisker Club.

Note, Phil Olsen is looking around for another recruit.

Toot, is the complete package!

In Berlin, he was team USA's world Champion.

World Champion Moustache.
Along with the WW I, Snoopy Costume, he really is a pilot, and member of the Whisker Club.

Street Artist, at the Brandenburg Gate.

He would pose for pictures, thumbs up if you paid, and thumbs down if you didn't. The arch in the background was a temporary stage for the Unification Day Celebration, where the WBM Championship Competitors appeared on local television.

The back sides of Team USA at the Reichstadt.

In the red scarf, our English speaking guide to Bavaria, September 2005

Jack Passion, International Beard Celebrity.

I knew Jack before he decided what costume to wear in Berlin.

Carol and the Pirate.

Maybe someday, there will be a team catagory. Could we have a chance as Salt and Pepper?

I decided the "free stylers" were serious when they showed up at the contest with a mobil hair salon.

Got Flowers? Bavaria loves flowers.

After a few liters, you feel comfortable hanging out with some of the colorful locals. They told me only tourists wear bright colors.

Octoberfest in Munich. We learned that Octoberfest is in September, and you have to put your whole hand inside the stine handle, and let the handle press against the back of your hand.

Water taxi in Berlin.

Beard Team USA, October 2005, in der Tegeler Seeterrassen just outside of Berlin.

Weak Translation.

Tegel is the suberb of Berlin where we were.

See means Lake, terra means land, Seeterrassen must mean: Land or Street or

place by the lake?

Monday, June 12, 2006

Team USA brings variety and class to the WBMA. If you can grow hair, there is a place for you. The top of the line is "free style". For free style the more hair you have for that the better.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Beard Team USA is looking for a few good Beards and Moustaches.

If you can travel, check out the Beard Team USA Blog for up coming events.

How does Squaw Valley in July sound? Or, Germany in September?

If you want to participate in a Virginia Contest, leave me a comment, so I can get a count of participants for planning.