Thursday, October 05, 2006


My certificate from the European Beard and Moustache Championships.
5th place, in Full Beard, Verdi

Monday, October 02, 2006

Hello General,
Great pictures!
Thanks for sending the link.
-I will ask our webmaster to put it on our website.
Great to meet you in Amberg - see you in Brighton!
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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Europameisterschaft Der Barte
am 23./24 September 2006 in Amberg
A contest well run!
Bart Wichs!
Bart Wichs!
Bart Wichs!

The General visits with Ostbayerischer Bart-und Schnauzerclub.

Michael Prevost and Dennis Dickerson

Gunter Rosin

Hans Horst, the best bus driver in Bavaria!



Painting above a door in the castle. Looks like a coat of arms.


The show started with this owl, a day time hunter. At one point the handlers had 4 or 5 birds all working at the same time.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


This was one of the fastest and most manuvarable hawks.
It sounded like he said he was an "Atlanta Falcon"!

This guy was good in the air and also had a very distinctive prance on the ground.

When one of the performing birds got a treat, this guy complained. Now I know where the phrase "Screaming Eagles" comes from.

I just missed him! He was so fast! You can see his tail feathers and the leather strap on his leg going out of sight on the right. After he landed the handler moved over so his next flight was right over me, and the strap hit the Generals Hat as he went by.

The strange shape just over the couple ducking their heads, is a feathered B-17 trying to gain altitude! Note the handler up on the roof behind them prepared to receive the incoming bird. The birds flew from one handler to the other and received treats, so they went for the most efficent method of gliding down to gain speed and pulling up to stall out just as they arrived at the other trainer. The problem was the audience heads were just a few inches too high for what the birds considered their flight path.

This was our boat.

. Willi Preuss gets a rare moment of relaxation.

Gunter Rosin and the General enjoy the ride a great weather.

A beautiful day for a boat ride on the Danube.

Weltenburg Monistary
the oldest brewery in the world.

The General with Erwin Fetscher.

Alexandria Reine brading Ernst Schuster's beard the day before the European Championships.

Joseph Heider and Willi Preuss.
Joseph is a world class Heating and Air Conditioning Engineer. If you need to contact him try:

Franz "Schani" Mitterhauser.

Need help 5.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Need help 4.

Need help 3

Need help 2.

Need help 1

The night before the contest, the General tried letting Hans Horst buy him a few brews in hopes of getting some inside information. The food at Zur Alten Kaserne in Amberg was the best!

Ted's better half, and no, you can't have her phone number.

Western Staches, it just doesn't get much better than this!

I would never judge the 3 Musketeer catagory, they all look like perfect 10's to me!

Morgan Jones, back of head, video recording Lewis Fleming asking Elmer Weisser for pointers.


Elmer is current world champion full beard free style


Lewis took 2nd place in the full beard Garibaldi catagory at Amberg.

Many of the best Free Styles in the World.

A Bart to Bart tie breaker!

The General and Gunnar Rosenquist.


A first timer, Gunnar was also a first taker!


He pretended to be excited about the win.

Steve Parsons and Jonathan Halbert.

Happy Birthday! See you in Brighton next year.

Just having fun?

The General with Franz Pill.


Franz was 1st in Full Beard, Garabaldi.

The General with Steve Parsons (Secretary Handlebar Club).
Steve was 1st in his catagory.
Bruce, Jorg, and the Handle Bar Club!

From Left, Phil Olsen, Bruce Roe, and Dennis Dickerson.

Memories of Amberg 2006.

City Hall

Produce market

Famous bifocals reflection of arches.

View from my motel room at the Amberg Mercure.